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Introducing the Water Waiter​

The Water Waiter is an innovative, domestic water heating solution that intelligently steps in to instantly supply or top up water temperature where a shortfall exists. Installed upstream and inline on the hot water supply, the unit is silent, unobtrusive and extremely compact. The Water Waiter can be used in multiple situations, but its real value comes to the fore when specified as part of a central plant or district heating system.

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Traditional Communal Heating System

Traditionally, communal heating and hot water systems have been structured around a shared central supply with gas being the primary source of energy. As a means of better controlling energy distribution in multi dwelling developments, architects and design engineers are increasingly specifying heat interface units as part of a system configuration. In addition, as building regulations tighten and more energy efficient initiatives come online, heat pumps are fast becoming a preferred alternative solution to gas. However, despite the many advances in heat pump technology, they regularly fall short and during periods of peak demand, fail to generate the heat required. The result is costly and space consuming gas fired central plant is still required as a means of back-up and top-up. In addition, even when specifying advanced HIU technology, primary circuit temperatures still need to be kept relatively high to cater for the peak periods of hot water demand. This is ineffective, inefficient the leads to the potential of buildings over-heating.

Heating System including the Water Waiter Solution

By specifying Water Waiter units in each dwelling downstream of the HIU, instant hot water of the desired temperature is always guaranteed. If low temperatures are detected, the Water Waiter steps in and simply tops up the temperature, but does so only for the period of demand. When the taps turn off, the Water Waiter’s heating operation immediately returns to standby keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Significantly, this intelligent functionality now means system primary temperatures no longer need to be kept constantly high, purely to service the irregular demand for domestic hot water. Temperatures can be reduced to as low as 45 degrees reducing heat loss, energy consumption and operating costs. Furthermore, lower primary temperatures require less heat energy from the heat pumps. By reducing this demand to a threshold where the heat pumps no longer need additional support, gas fired plant can be eliminated from the design configuration saving significant infrastructure costs.

The Water Waiter has been designed with ease of use in mind. Its compact and unobtrusive design fits into any environment and with its sleek highly reflective black cover, measures just 23cm wide, 35cm tall and 6.5cm deep. Operation is simple and uncomplicated and via its electronic touch panel, temperature can be easily adjusted. Depending on flow rate and the water temperature at the inlet, water can be heated to a maximum of 55 degrees.


  • Quick and effortless installation.
  • Easy integration into existing or new building developments.
  • Constructed from robust, highly engineered materials.
  • Compact size making it suitable for installation in tight spaces.
  • Low maintenance and easy to keep clean.
  • Operates in a mix of modes for changing seasonal conditions.
  • Serves as a back-up solution in the event of upstream system failure reducing the urgency of repair and out of hour labour costs.
  • Allows for lower primary temperatures reducing operating costs, carbon emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels.


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